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Small Arts Grant Fund

APPLICATION TIPS for use in 2018 also includes a section about the purpose and priorities of the Fund.

Application available: August 3, 2018
Application due date: August 31, 2018
Board decision on grants: November 16, 2018
Grant award letter and payment: December 2018

NEW: Some questions carry more weight than others. Please read each question carefully and note the scoring rubric to determine the importance of the answer. The higher the point value, the more weight is given to that answer during the review process.


To be eligible for a Small Arts Grant, an organization should be:

  • Located within the greater Kansas City area (60-mile radius), AND
  • A tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity with a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), or partner with another organization that can serve as a fiscal sponsor, AND
  • An arts organization with annual revenues of less than $300,000 last fiscal year

  • A non-arts organization – regardless of budget size or mission – with a community-based arts program that provides access to arts and culture opportunities in traditional and non-traditional sites throughout the greater Kansas City area.


NOTE: Organizations with three grants in a row cannot apply in the fourth year, but may reapply to the Small Arts Grants Fund in the fifth year or after.
Grants are not made to individuals, fraternal organizations or political parties for any purpose. No invitation is ever needed to apply to the Small Arts Grant Fund.

For content questions and advice, please call Senior Program Officer/Administrator Liana Riesinger, at the Foundation (816-531-0077) or e-mail her at liana@francisfoundation.org. Contact Kim Foster at kim@francisfoundation.org for any computer or technical issues.


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Lifelong Learning / Arts & Culture

The Foundation will continue to consider grants on an invitation only basis for 2018 with a primary focus on those organizations that received a grant in 2017. Included in this category are Lifelong Learning investments and Arts & Culture investments to large and mid-size arts organizations with budgets greater than $300,000.

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New! Early Education Grant Fund / Lifelong Learning

The Francis Family Foundation is one of 10 philanthropic organizations in Kansas City that have come together to establish a new grant fund for providers and supporters of early education. The Early Education Funders Collaborative will award grants up to $500,000 to eligible organizations and initiatives that serve children ages birth to five in the six-county metro area, either through direct services or support services for early care and education. The goal of the new fund is to increase quality and access for low-income families and children of color. More information and grant applications are available at Grow Your Giving. If you have any questions, please e-mail Denise St. Omer at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation - stomer@growyourgiving.org - or call 816-627-3417 about applying to the new Early Education Grant Fund.


Capital & Endowment Campaigns

The Foundation is not accepting any capital and endowment campaign requests at this time as we develop our 2018-2023 strategic plan.


PFB Fellowships

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Frequently Asked Questions

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