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May 2014 Board Meeting

jim_koenemanAt the Foundation's May meeting, the Board of Directors' approved more than $1M in new grant awards supporting our Lifelong Learning focus.

Entering kindergarten school ready is critical for their future success in school and beyond. The Foundation continues to support efforts to improve the quality of teaching in early learning centers throughout the metro area. Key to this work is the professional development activities of the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development (FICYD) and the Metropolitan Council on Early Learning (MCEL), both recipients of continued support from the Foundation.

Children fared better in both the Missouri and Kansas Legislatures this year. Support for the Alliance for Childhood Education (ACE) and Kansas Action for Children have been effective in educating the public about the importance of early education and resulted in (1) increased funding for early education programs in Missouri, as well as outlining possible future Pre-K funding via the state foundation formula; and, (2) potential cuts in the Children's Initiative Fund in Kansas being stopped late in the session. Grants to support these organizations are a great example of the power of advocacy.

In addition, a one-year grant to PREP-KC continues the Foundation's investment in K-12 urban education reform efforts with an emphasis on the transition years K-3.

The Foundation expects these efforts to lay the groundwork for children's success in school, an important benchmark for the community.

A complete list of grants approved in May 2014 can be found below. For more information, contact Program Office Lyn Knox at 816-531-0077.

Spring 2014 Lifelong Learning Grant Awards

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