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Strategic Plan


The Francis Family Foundation envisions current and future generations of well-rounded individuals who are creative, lifelong learners, striving to achieve their fullest potential within their communities.



The Francis Family Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families and communities with particular commitment to the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

While modeling and reflecting our family's vision, history, interests and values, we will accomplish this mission through effective and innovative grant making in Pulmonary Research, Lifelong Learning and Arts & Culture by:

  • supporting programs that represent proven research and best practices,
  • focusing on community-based initiatives and collaborations,
  • supporting programs that address unmet community needs, and
  • focused, proactive grant making.



The Francis Family Foundation believes in:

Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusiveness  - We believe all members of our communities should have the opportunity to participate fully in educational, cultural and social activities, and believe we should seek ways to improve access to these activities for individuals and families of all ages, religions, races, ethnicities, financial abilities and physical and mental abilities. We believe in the rich diversity of the greater Kansas City area, and promote inclusiveness in the way we work and in our grant making activities. We seek to celebrate our common experiences and concerns through our grants.

Catalytic Collaboration - We encourage and model collaboration among funders and community organizations, and look for catalytic opportunities to make a difference together.

Community - We embrace and promote a strong sense of community and seek opportunities with great potential for strengthening community life and the urban fabric.

Excellence - We are committed to standards of excellence in the results of our grant making.

Innovation and Creativity - We value the creative process among people of all ages and backgrounds, and we encourage excellence and innovation in our grant making activities.

Integrity and Sustainability - We maintain and promote fiscal and program integrity in our operations and grant making activities to ensure the sustainability of organizations that enrich community life.

Passion for Learning - We promote a lifelong passion for learning as a key factor in developing active, well rounded and contributing individuals in our communities.

Planning and Evaluation - We believe in planning and evaluation as critical methods to assess the effectiveness of our grant making so we can make a difference.






Francis Family Foundation funding enables breakthrough solutions in pulmonary medicine leading to the development of enhanced treatments and cures for pulmonary diseases.

Desired Results (in the United States and Canada): New scientists who serve patients with lung diseases through innovative research are supported at a key transition point in their career.

Measurement: Increase number of researchers entering and remaining in the pulmonary research field.

Overall Grantmaking Strategy 2013-2017: Attract, develop and retain the best researchers in the field of pulmonary research through the Parker B. Francis (PBF) Pulmonary Research Fellows Program.



Francis Family Foundation funding encourages lifelong learning for people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds through innovative, diverse, creative and research-proven ways of learning.

Desired Results (in a 60-mile radius of Kansas City, MO): Well-rounded children and youth who are creative, flexible, globally competitive, adaptive to a culture of innovation and diversity, passionate about learning, and able to problem solve, in groups and individually, so they can thrive in the 21st Century.


  • Increase percentage of children entering kindergarten school ready
  • Increase percentage of children prepared to read on grade level in third grade
  • Increase percentage of children and youth actively engaged in achieving high academic standards

Overall Grantmaking Strategy 2013-2017: Invest in innovative organizations and attract, develop and retain the best teachers, leaders, staff and other people who provide and advocate for a continuum of (1) quality during a child's earliest learning experiences; (2) access to excellence in K-12th grade, especially in the urban core of Kansas City; and, (3) the family's role as first teachers in early literacy.



Francis Family Foundation funding promotes the principle that arts and culture are fundamentally important for all people.

Desired Results (in a 60-mile radius of Kansas City, MO): (1) An excellent ecology of the arts (California Arts Ecology 2011) grows and is sustained regionally; (2) well rounded children, youth and adults who can thrive in the 21st Century.


  • Increase percentage of arts and culture organizations and artists using effective and innovative strategies for audience development
  • Increase percentage of schools with meaningful Arts in Education experiences integrated in school curricula and aligned with the common core standards
  • Establish local public funding streams in the region to support arts and culture organizations and artists

Overall Grantmaking Strategy 2013-2017: Support and advocate for development of the greater Kansas City area as a creative regional hub for excellence in arts and culture, rich with expression of diverse cultures and affording access to all levels of creative participation.