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Our Foundation and Programs

  • Small Arts Grant Fund
    Recognizing the arts are more accessible when located within venues where people live and work, the Francis Family Foundation created the Small Arts Grant Fund. A wide range of grassroots programs are supported throughout the region. Small Arts Grant Fund support, as well as more traditional Arts...
  • Excellence, Access, Artists’ Environment, Public Advocacy and Arts in Education
    Arts and culture organizations, from Theatre Atchison in Kansas to the Albrecht -Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph, Missouri, are supported by the Francis Family Foundation. www.theatreatchison.org www.albrecht-kemper.org   A national gem, the American Jazz Museum helps keep Kansas City’s jazz history alive and connected to new...
  • Urban Education Reform (proactive investment)
    In recent years, the Francis Family Foundation explored promising community-partnership opportunities to support the Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, school districts. As a result, the Board invests in PREP-KC, Kansas City Partnership for Regional Educational Preparation. Although this effort targets children older than the...
  • Parents Support School Readiness
    Children are born ready to learn. During the first three years of life, trillions of connections are being made between brain cells. According to Zero to Three, “A child’s relationships and experiences during the early years greatly influence how their brain grows.” The Foundation is invested...
  • Early Education System
    Quality. The Foundation has invested in a number of quality initiatives through the Metropolitan Council on Early Learning. http://www.marc.org/mcel Professional Development. In 1989, Penn Valley Community College, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the Francis Family Foundation created the Francis Resource Center to provide community-based...
  • Lifelong Learning
    “The Francis Family Foundation is very interested in how to maximize each child’s development before school begins, as this appears to be a critical time and has direct links to the serious dropout problem.” – John B. Francis...
  • PBF Fellowship Program Success
    The Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program continues to be a bright light of success in an otherwise gray economy. Program Director, Thomas R. Martin, M.D., and Program Administrator Deborah Snapp, conducted a survey in 2009 of former PBF Fellows in years 1976 - 2009. The results...
  • A Family Legacy
    Today, the Parker B. Francis Fellowship program continues to support outstanding investigators planning careers in pulmonary research and awards Fellowships in fields related to lung biology and pulmonary disease. Under the direction of Dr. Thomas R. Martin, Fellowship grants are made for three years and enable...

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